Chapter 3: Mediocracy

Artist-a person who produces paintings or drawings as a profession or hobby. Despite knowing the definition, I still find myself using every other word except artist… I feel guilty calling myself an artist, as if I will downgrade the meaning of it, as if I will be put to shame those who have created a […]

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Chapter 2? A Story of sorts

You know, thinking back on it, it was an awful idea to keep it as a pet… But, to my defense it started out somewhat normal. Everyday I would watch it through the window, the rainy days it would press its nose against it, begging to be released, as did all the other animals. But, […]

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Chapter 1.5: Fires

To Those Who Have Found Me, I remember playing a game throughout elementary school, it was one I was always excited about, one I enjoyed playing. List 3 things you would take with you if your house were on fire. As we would talk among one another desperately trying to figure out what was most […]

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