Chapter 1: Who Would Have Thought…

To Those Who Have Found Me,

How strange to think…I mean really, all it had to take was an out of control forest fire and a city wide evacuation.

I guess we should start with an intro, My name is (insert name) I apologize to those of you who have found me and are desperately wanting to know my name, but I do not wish to be found. I hope you understand…I haven’t quite planned an introduction, partly the fact I have over thought it to the point where my heart begins beating rapidly at the thought of meeting a stranger…and second I don’t even know where to begin, I’m not sure what is really me and what is me because someone told me it should be…Again I am deeply sorry.

Back to the beginning, I am currently on a city wide evacuation due to the lovely fires surrounding my shitty little town. And as I was packing my things to leave I realized that, I don’t do things for myself. A horrible realization really, but as an anxiety ridden people pleaser, I have no choice but to bow down to those around me doing as they wish. Prove myself worthy in their eyes. But, I’m tired and I’ve realized, with the threat of coming home to…no home…I want to change (Something I tell myself more than once a day). So here is my new beginning (Or so I think).

I don’t know what this is going to be, I don’t know what I’m going to write about or how often I’ll post something. This may be a one time thing, something I’ll put aside because I know my mother would not approve. But here’s to right now and to the adventure my father is constantly telling me to go on. A slow uneventful adventure, but, still one none the less.

So, thank you. To those who have found me, for indulging in my stories… I promise that everything I write, or don’t write will probably be true, in at least one way or another.





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