Chapter 1.5: Fires

To Those Who Have Found Me,

I remember playing a game throughout elementary school, it was one I was always excited about, one I enjoyed playing. List 3 things you would take with you if your house were on fire. As we would talk among one another desperately trying to figure out what was most important to us, the question about family always being asked, yes they have already made it out. There were always the same 3 answers; Your pet, your phone/or family computer, and some stuffed animal.

I’ve realized, this game is a lot less fun when the idea of your house burning down becomes an actual possibility. And you frantically rush around trying to decide what memories you want to keep most.

I have spent the last 2 weeks residing in a small apartment, with my constantly stressed out mother, my hollywood of a sister, and a big ass dog (I must add, this apartment has a strict no animals allowed policy…its been difficult sneaking her out…) Internet has been limited to late night adventures to Walmart, phone hanging out the window as my mother yells about hers not hooking up, “Yes, mom I realize that. There is no internet here, therefore it will not hookup.” Its been difficult to say the least, squeaky cots and 5 am pee breaks.

But, I am back…at least for a little while…

I think this blog is going to be for rants, though I would like to write short stories, or poems, or something…other than pitying myself for the life I realize I’m living…

I am thrilled to be able to sleep in my own bed, though I don’t think I am going to be able to speak to my family for a couple of days, my brain is fried…





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